Committed company

Yogamatata is also a whole different way of seeing entrepreneurship !


Yogamatata’s sales and promotions policy

We already charge a price that we believe is fair all year round. So there’s no need to wait for the sales, Yogamatata doesn’t do any 🙂 We will eventually destock old collections or models that are selling poorly, but that’s it!


Financial ethics

Yogamatata attaches great importance to its financial ethics and its complete transparency on this subject. Discover our actions in terms of financial ethics here:

 Yogamatata’s financial ethics 


The ethics of a company is also measured by its financial management policy. On this page, you will find everything that makes the financial transparency of Yogamatata!

  • Tax domiciliation in France:

Yogamatata is a French company, which pays its taxes in France.

  • Who owns Yogamatata?

Yogamatata is 100% owned by its founders: no bank loan, no fund raising, no shareholders, neither physical nor moral, other than the 2 founders: this guarantees a total independence in our strategic choices. We move forward slowly but surely: we are accountable to no one but ourselves!

Yogamatata was financed by a small personal contribution from its founder Ondine Martinez, then by a crowdfunding, and finally by her second associate Johanna Stauffer. Since then, the activity of Yogamatata is enough to self-finance the whole project.

Do you have a question? Please contact us!


Ethics in business


Our values lead us logically not to seek profit at all costs and the highest profit margin. They lead us to seek the prosperity of our company while respecting everyone, from our suppliers to our customers. We wish to make a good living from our activity.

Our market research conducted prior to the project showed that Yogamatata’s yoga mats could sell for much higher prices, but we prefer to keep the price as low as possible, as buying ethical and eco-responsible products should never be a luxury in our opinion. Although the price difference with an entry-level foam yoga mat is still significant for some, we hope that this affordability policy will encourage more people to choose a more eco-friendly and ethical yoga mat. Isn’t that also the spirit of yoga?

Also, our website and almost all our technical developments are made with free and open source technologies.

Because ethics and ecology are at the center of our concerns, on the computer level, we have chosen to favor solutions that are both eco-responsible and socially positive.

Computer ethics


As an e-commerce website, computer issues are central for Yogamatata. We have chosen a strong computer ethics, which you can discover in more detail here !


Our website and almost all our technical developments are made with free and open-source technologies.

Because ethics and sustainability are at the center of our concerns, we have chosen solutions that are both eco-responsible and socially positive.


Our website and almost all our technical developments are made with free and open-source technologies.

Because ethics and ecology are at the center of our concerns, on the computer level, we have chosen to favor solutions that are both eco-responsible and socially positive.


  • Use of open-source tools and free software


Free or open-source software is software that respects the essential freedoms of its users, i.e. the freedom to study, modify and redistribute copies (modified or not) of this software.

Open-source software and tools are generally free, but computer ethics is not a question of price, but of freedom of knowing to whom one gives one’s data and what is done with it. This question has become crucial in the era of all computing and big data. And without access to the core of the software used, it is impossible to guarantee that your data is safe and not reused.

This is why Yogamatata has chosen to always choose in priority open-source tools over proprietary ones.

The website was set up by our own teams, in-house, which allows us to keep control of all the technologies we use.

Our website is developed with WordPress (a free and open-source content management system). The plugins we have chosen are 90% free.

If we have the choice between a paid plugin and a non-free plugin, we will always choose the free plugin. This is both a way to preserve your data and to encourage the development of open source software products.

When we produce software specifically for Yogamatata, we do so under Linux (a free operating system), in python, a programming language, also under a free license.


  • Personal data


Just contact us to have all your personal data removed from our databases.

We do not store your banking information.

Subscription to our newsletter is voluntary, no spam!

If you wish to unsubscribe from any of our services, simply click on the link at the end of our emails to be removed from our contact list.


  • Payment methods


Two payment methods are available on our site Paypal and Greenpay.

If Paypal is a leader of online payment, which is never very ethical, it is different for Greenpay.

As a young company, offering the possibility to use Paypal to our customers was essential to establish a relationship of trust with you by using the most reputable tools on the market.

But, we have chosen to offer you an alternative, much more ethical and ecological: Greenpay.


Greenpay is a payment system that allows any platform to accept online payments in a simple and secure way as Paypal. Greenpay pays its taxes in France and has implemented several positive impact solutions (including carbon offset calculation).

You are free to choose the payment solution that suits you, but if you hesitate, choose GreenPay!


For card payments at our events, we use Sum Up.


  • Hosting of the site


Our site is hosted by OVH.

OVH is not considered as a green host, but after studying the different offers of the market, we made this choice so that our site works as well as possible.


The question of hosting is crucial for an e-commerce site. A small host will never have the same performance and uptime of a large host.

Even if OVH is not the most optimal solution, they have been making significant efforts for 15 years to reduce their energy consumption in their datacenters:


– no air conditioning: 30% air-cooling and 70% water-cooling

– PUE is the energy efficiency indicator for data centers. Thanks to its efforts to reduce, in particular, its electricity consumption, OVH manages to post an average PUE of 1.09, which is a record (the average is 1.12, even among green hosting companies).

We are doing our best to migrate to green technologies, and we intend to continue our efforts in this direction.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Affiliate program


Yogamatata offers its partners (yoga teachers, bloggers, websites, brands) an affiliate program, which allows them to benefit from a percentage of the sales generated through their affiliate links or promo codes. Anyone can apply for our affiliate program if they have a legal structure to issue invoices. Yogamatata keeps the right to accept or refuse applications (and to tell you the truth, our only criteria is the feeling in terms of common values!)

The Yogamatata blog also participates in affiliate programs of other brands, which provides Yogamatata with additional income to develop new projects. We are proud to participate in the communication of brands that we love for their quality and commitment! We only work in affiliation with brands that give us total freedom of expression, because your trust is the most precious thing we have. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!