Our Values

Welcome to the page dedicated to the presentation of Yogamatata’s values, and the different commitments of our small but beautiful company!
We are Ondine and Johanna, the two halves of Yogamatata. We manage the company on a daily basis! We created Yogamatata with the aim of offering yoga accessories that fit to our values: high quality, sustainable products with transparent production conditions, with a modern and elegant design to appeal to the greatest number of people. However, we consider that we still don’t do enough efforts and that we will never do, even though we do our best. We do not claim to be perfect, but our values are totally infused in our vision of entrepreneurship, and are always the main criteria we consider for each decision we take !
We want to be a transparent brand, because our customers’ trust in Yogamatata is the most valuable thing we have !

On this page you will find all the information that will help you better understand Yogamatata’s values and commitments.

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Sustainability :

To propose eco-friendly yoga accessories, it is quite natural for us. And much more than that: it is the first ambition of Yogamatata, and the reason of its creation! In accordance with our values, we want to provide yoga accessories and lifestyle products always thought considering the reduction of their impact on the environment. Discover Yogamatata’s commitments in terms of eco-responsibility !

Transparency :

Transparency is the basis of any trustworthy relationship, right? Since the beginning, we have chosen to be transparent with our customers, both on the places and conditions of production of our products. We share with you the problems we face, and the choices we make. We are not a perfect company and we probably never will be, but we know where and how our products are made, and so do you! Check out our transparency commitments

Committed company :

There are a thousands ways to be an entrepreneur and we have chosen our own way! We wish to contribute to a healthier, more transparent entrepreneurship, more respectful of everyone. We believe that it is possible to develop a prosperous company on healthy and virtuous bases, and thus participate in proving that there are other ways to build and manage a company! Discover why Yogamatata is a committed company

Women owned company :

Yogamatata is a company 100% created, owned and managed  by ourselves, Ondine and Johanna. What does it mean to be women and creators of a company? How do you combine feminist values and entrepreneurship? Discover our vision of women entrepreneurs on female entrepreneurship (lien).

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