Ayurvedic Organic Herbal Tea – Pitta


This Ayurvedic blend with aromatic and fruity notes will be the perfect ally to balance Pitta. An infusion composed of plants with fresh flavors, to drink hot 🔥 or iced ❄️ The production of this natural herbal tea has been made in Auvergne, a french region known for its volcanoes and beautiful wild nature. It’s been made with with organic plants,  🌱 

This herbal tea has been lovingly designed especially for Yogamatata by our two fantastic partners: 

Amaya, creator of the organic infusions brand Happy Plantes, was in charge of the creation of Yogamatata’s herbal teas,

Valentine Lodato, ayurveda therapist and co-founder of Centre Sesam in Lyon (France), has been in charge of the formulation of our ayurvedic herbal teas.

A refreshing and soothing blend, this infusion is designed to balance the Pitta dosha.  Related to the process of transformation, Pitta allows us to ensure the proper functioning of our metabolic system as well as our mind. It ensures the proper digestion and assimilation of our body’s needs, but also of our impressions, emotions and life experiences. 


Spearmint ¹, ², ³, Apples ¹, ², ³, Lemongrass ¹,²,⁴ Coriander ¹,³ Hibiscus¹,²,⁴, Lemon balm ¹, ², ³

¹ : Products from organic farming, ² : Plants selected for their ayurvedic virtues, ³ : Plants picked with love in France, ⁴ : Plants from fair trade

Preparation instructions:

1 to 2 teaspoons in 200ml of water at 85°c, infuse for 7 to 10 min.

Herbal tea shipped in a Bio Futura eco-responsible kraft bag. Stir well before use in order to blend the plants harmoniously. We recommend emptying and storing the contents of the kraft bag in a pretty glass box with a lid!

This tea is not recommended for pregnant women and is not a medical treatment.

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This herbal tea with anti inflammatory properties, stimulates digestion and promotes elimination for a detox effect! It is organic and made in France by our partner Happy Plantes.


Ayurveda, “Knowledge of life” in Sanskrit, is an ancient science that allows us to understand how to balance ourselves daily. The use of plants is a tool at our disposal to maintain the right balance of the three doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha. A quest for balance which is the key to health and longevity according to Ayurveda.

Pitta has the main properties: Hot and oily 

Pitta is related to fire. Balanced, it allows a great capacity of discernment and decision making. Efficiency, motivation, goals, surpassing oneself. In the body, Pitta is related to everything that allows for transformation, supports the metabolic system and the general good functioning, avoids stagnation.

In its tendencies to disorders, Pitta can bring excess fire: anger, irritability, control, will to dominate, aggressiveness, acid reflux, heartburn, diarrhea, skin problems, inflammations, anemia. 

Pitta needs to be refreshed and soothed with nourishing and refreshing food and plants. 

The Pitta herbal tea blend allows this refreshment thanks to mint, lemongrass and coriander. The hibiscus has, in addition, an anti-inflammatory property that will be beneficial. The properties of these spices stimulate digestion and promote elimination.


We are all unique because we all have our own Ayurvedic constitution which determines our major emotional, physical, physiological and mental tendencies. It is according to this constitution that we know how to remain in a state of balance or conversely, what can unbalance us. 

The Ayurvedic constitution is composed of the three dosha (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) which are three forces in charge of different functions of our body. Vata is related to anything that moves things and instills movement, Pitta to anything that transforms things, and Kapha to anything that connects things together and creates stability and grounding. If we have all these three doshas in us, we also have a “dominance” of one or more of them (this is our basic constitution, our “prakriti”) and they can go into a state of imbalance (creating “vikritis”). The goal of the Ayurveda is to know oneself well enough to understand one’s prakriti, and to identify immediately the states of imbalance when they occur. This is how we manage to stay out of the disease process (Ayurveda considers that disease sets in in 6 main stages and that the starting point of this process always results from an imbalance in one of the dosha. When our conventional medicine makes a diagnosis, Ayurveda considers that we are already in the last stages of the process.) To stay in a state of balance or to rebalance, we have many tools such as diet, herbal medicine, massage, yoga, etc. 

Finally, we work a lot with what we call attributes in Ayurveda to observe and treat. Cold, dry, light, hot, humid, unctuous, heavy, dense, etc… The principle is to say that “the same increases the same but the opposites balance each other”. To treat an imbalance, the challenge will be to go towards properties that will be opposed to it. In the same way that to respect our basic constitution, we will have to go towards a diet, lifestyle and practices that are the opposite of our dominance, therefore the opposite of our dominant dosha or our double constitution.


Amaya, creator of the famous brand of organic herbal teas “Happy Plantes”, was in chrage for creating the Yogamatata herbal teas. Her commitment to sourcing organic, local, wild and ethically grown plants and her expertise in making high quality herbal teas seduced Yogamatata, who is always very attached to the eco-responsibility and ethics of every of its products !

Valentine Lodato, ayurveda therapist and co-founder of the Centre Sesam in Lyon (France), was in charge of the formulation of our ayurvedic herbal teas. In collaboration with Amaya, she has put her expertise at the service of the formulation of the ayurvedic blends. Together, they have created balanced and tasty ayurvedic recipes!

🥰  Fun fact: Valentine and Ondine, founder of Yogamatata, studied together in Paris and have remained friends ever since! The collaboration was inevitable and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do ! 🙏

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