Organic Herbal Tea for sleep – Goodnight Moon


This organic herbal tea with floral and lemony notes will be ideal for a pure moment of relaxation at the end of the day. This blend is composed of plants renowned for their soothing properties such as scented verbena, lemon balm and marjoram.

That’s why we have named it “Bonsoir Lune, which means “Goodnight Moon” in French and is also a play on words with yoga’s moon salutation 😉

This natural herbal tea was conceived and prepared with love especially for Yogamatata by Amaya, creator of Happy Plantes and expert in the formulation and production of organic herbal teas with transparent, ethical and local ingredients.

The production of this natural herbal tea for the evening has been made in Auvergne, a french region known for its volcanoes and beautiful wild nature. It’s been made with cultivated organic plants, but also with wild plants (in this recipe, woodruff was picked in the wild). The herbal tea flavors are all natural !


Asperula ¹, ², Lemongrass ¹, ³, Lavender ¹, ² Marjoram ¹, ², Lemon balm ¹, ², Verbena ¹, ²

¹: Products from organic farming

²: Plants picked with love in France (Woodruff is picked in the wild)

³. Plants from fair trade

Preparation instructions:

1 to 2 teaspoons in 200ml of water at 85°c, infuse for 7 to 10 min.

Herbal tea shipped in a Bio Futura eco-responsible kraft bag. Stir well before use in order to blend the plants harmoniously. We recommend emptying and storing the contents of the kraft bag in a pretty glass box with a lid!

This tea is not recommended for pregnant women and is not a medical treatment.

Weight : 30 gr

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Goodnight moon : a few greetings to the moon on your yoga mat to gently welcome the upcoming night, and the ritual of a stress relieving tea, thought to soothe the body and mind and gently prepare you for sleep. The best herbal tea for sleep 😴

This natural herbal tea with its floral and lemon natural flavor will bring you a pure moment of relaxation! We love its little taste of lavender, so good and soothing 🍵

Have a peaceful night ✨

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