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A natural rubber and cork large yoga mat illustrated with an elegant art deco pattern evoking the cells of a beehive.

Extra grip when you sweat ✋💦 The ideal yoga mat for a stable downward-dog with sweaty hands 🤩

This extra large yoga mat is :

  • Super grippy ! Ultra grip for sweat, and a super soft touch feeling ! Because practicing on a non slip large yoga mat is super important.
  • An eco-friendly extra long yoga mat : made with cork and natural rubber, and without PVC and TPE plastics.
  • Very comfortable : this 4mm yoga thick mat is dense, allowing both a great comfort and perfect stability in balance poses. Also, as it’s a long and wide yoga mat, you can enjoy a wider space for your yoga practice !
  • Suitable for all levels (beginner, advanced…) and suitable for all types of yoga : Bikram (hot yoga), Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha…
  • Antibacterial : Cork is a natural antimicrobial material. No bad smell with sweat !
  • Sustainably packaged in sprouting seed paper which contains melliferous flowers seeds.
  • Contributes to the preservation of bees : every time you buy a Yogamatata yoga mat, we donate 2€ to “Mécènes et Parrains d’Abeilles”, French association who plants melliferous flowers in French agricultural wastelands.

Dimensions  : 199cm long, 63cm wide, 4mm thick, weight : 2,45 kg

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I am a very large yoga mat! I measure 199 cm * 63 cm * 4 mm and I weigh 2.45 kg. Extra long and extra wide, I am ideal for tall people or simply people who enjoying having a big space for their yoga practice !

A comfortable and large yoga mat

I am almost 2m tall, so I am definitely the best yoga mat for people who are taller than 1m80 ! I am also wider than a traditional mat.

I’m a great choice for both men and women who want to have space when practicing yoga at home or in the studio (no more neighbor’s feet in your head!).

A non-slip yoga mat

I don’t bounce or fold : I stay flat on the floor during your practice ! Yes, I’m not just a pretty XL yoga mat : I am a professional and technical large yoga mat.

My cork surface is naturally grippy thanks to the natural humidity of your hands and feet : the more you sweat, the more I stick! Therefore If you have dry hands, I am not the ideal thin yoga mat mat for you.

How do I clean my yoga mat?

In addition to being a non slip XL yoga mat, my cork surface is naturally anti-bacterial which allows me to avoid developing bad smell.

I still require maintenance once in a while, just like every yoga mat. When you feel the need, spray me with a magical mix : half water and half white vinegar (+ possibly a few drops of organic fine lavender essential oil), and gently rub a soft sponge over my cork surface, without rubbing hard (you would not want not to damage it!)  and let me dry flat. I’ll be clean again ! But keep in mind : I am not machine washable, it would damage me! Cork is a natural material that develops a natural patina over time. Observing a discoloration or wear of the cork on the areas the most in contact with your hands and feet is normal and will give me all my charm as an object used and loved, and it does not affect my grip in any way !

An ecological extra large yoga mat :

I’m an eco-friendly big yoga mat, made from natural material : Cork and natural rubber ! I am delivered in a packaging designed to limit waste and the use of plastic: I am wrapped in a seeded paper containing melliferous seeds. Once I’m unpacked, plant the packaging in the ground, it will sprout !

I’m kept closed by an upcycled fabric tie and sent in a reused cardboard box. In the same logic of minimalism and waste reduction, I am delivered without carrying strap, thus leaving you the choice to acquire one or not.

The inks for the designs and the seeded paper are water-based.

I’m designed in France and responsibly made in China !

For each yoga mat purchased, a donation of €2 is made to “Mécènes et Parrains d’Abeilles”, French association, to sow 3 to 4m2 of melliferous flowers in French agricultural wasteland.

This sustainable yoga mat fits to a vegan lifestyle.

If you wish to buy a yoga mat that is truly committed to a better world, I’m definitely the best yoga mat to fit your values ! Good yoga mats are good, good yoga mats with good values are best !

We deliver everywhere in the European Union. Free delivery in France.

Additional information

Weight 2,45 kg
Dimensions 199 × 63 × 0,4 cm

Standard 183 – 186 cm


Standard > 2 kg

made in





Regular (4 mm)


63 – 66 cm width


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